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June 04 2018

Multitenancy: juggling customer data in Django

Suppose you want to build a new SaaS (Software as a Service) application. Suppose your application will store sensitive data from your customers. What is the best way to guarantee the isolation of the data and make sure information from one client does not leak to the other? The answer to that is: it depends. It depends on the number of customers y

Going to Technical Events is Awesome: A DjangoCon Experience

We just got back from DjangoCon US! It was quite a marathon for us because Filipe Ximenes and I have been to PyBay and DjangoCon AU too, right before DjangoCon US. Besides having a great time presenting our talks, it was awesome to meet new people and reunite with old friends. From our blog, you’d guess that we really enjoy conferences. We do incentivize collaborators to attend them since we believe it's very important to keep in touch with the community.

Organizing Django Girls Recife

In Brazil, women are the majority in schools and universities and represent 60% of the people who have a university degree. Despite this, in STEM, they represent only 20% of the quantitative. This scenario is present not only in Brazil but all over the world. In technological areas, it’s no different. IT is still a mostly male world. It was with the intention of diversifying this context that the Django Girls was created.

[pt-BR] Organizando o Django Girls Recife

No Brasil, as mulheres são maioria nas escolas e universidades e representam 60% das pessoas que concluíram cursos superiores. Apesar disso, em cursos de exatas, representam apenas 20% do quantitativo. Esse cenário se repete não só no Brasil, mas em todo o mundo. Nas áreas tecnológicas não é diferente. TI é, ainda, um mundo majoritariamente masculino. Foi com o intuito de diversificar esse contexto que o Django Girls foi criado.

DjangoCon Europe 2017 was awesome!

DjangoCon Europe happened in one of the most historical cities in Italy! Florence was the most exciting place to be around in Europe, if you are a Django enthusiast, from April 3rd to April 7th. The event had the presence of some important names on it, like Andrew Godwin and Marc Tamlyn, both core developers at Django, and Tom Christie, author of t

Advanced Django querying: sorting events by date

Imagine the situation where our application has events (scheduled tasks, appointments, python conferences across the world) happening in different moments of time. Almost anything with a date attached to it. We want to display them in a simple list to the user. Given we are in February 2017 (the date this post was written), what would be the best w

Contributing to Django Framework is easier than you think

For those who are starting to code and wish to make open source, sometimes it is hard to start. The idea of contributing with that fancy and wonderful lib that you love can sound a little bit scary. Lucky for us many of those libs have room for whoever is willing to start. They also give us the support that we need. Pretty sweet, right? Do you know

Don't forget the stamps: testing email content in Django

When developing a web app how often do you check the emails you send are all working properly? Not as often as your web pages, right? That's ok, don't feel guilty, emails are hard to test and they are often someone's else responsibility to write and take care. This doesn't mean we should give up on them. There are some things we can do to prevent e

How I test my DRF serializers

How I test my DRF serializers In this blog post, I will show the whats and whys on testing Django REST Framework serializers. First, some context. Here is the model setup we are going to use for this example: from django.db import models class Bike(models.Model): COLOR_OPTIONS = (('yellow', 'Yellow'), ('red', 'Red&#

Django and React Boilerplate as an Asset in Software Development

Here at Vinta we believe that programmers, not processes, nor code, are the most important assets on software engineering. Due to that, we believe in using every tool available in order to facilitate our programmers' lives. One of our favorites is our boilerplate. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a boilerplate is "any code block that is reus

Metaprogramming and Django - Using Decorators

While programming is about, in some way, doing code to transform data, metaprogramming can be seen as the task of doing code to change code. This category is often used to help programmers to enhance the readability and maintainability of the code, help with separation of concerns and respect one of the most important principles of software develop

Database concurrency in Django the right way

When developing applications which have real-time requirements or other specific needs for running asynchronous tasks outside the web application, it is common to adopt a task queue such as Celery. This allows, for example, for the server to handle a request, start an asynchronous task responsible of doing some heavyweight processing, and return an answer while the task is still running. Here, we are considering a similar scenario: a request is made, and the server has to do some processing on the request. Ideally, we want to separate the high time-demanding parts from the view processing flow, so we run those parts in a separate task. Now, let's suppose we have to do some database operations both in the view and the task when the request happens. If not done carefully, those operations can be a source for issues that can be hard to track.

Controlling access: a Django permission apps comparison

There are many ways to handle permissions in a project. This post highlights the main differences and approaches taken by some popular Django third party apps to handle permissions.

3 Django apps for sending great e-mails

3 Django apps for debugging and sending HTML styled e-mails

Uploading files from the frontend to Amazon S3

How to upload files from the frontend straight to S3 without sending to the server using django

10 Django apps you're not using but should be

Description of 10 essential apps every Django developer should be using in their projects

Classy Django REST Framework Release

Release of Classy Django REST Framework

A Basic SEO for Django

A Basic SEO for Django.

How to configure Sass and Bower with django-compressor - part 2 (deployment to Heroku and S3)

Quick guide on how to deploy Django with Sass, Bower and django-compressor to Heroku and S3

How to configure Sass and Bower with django-compressor - part 1 (local config)

Quick guide on how to configure Django with Sass, Bower and django-compressor
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